MSc in Immersive Technologies - Innovation in Education, Training and Game Design

Study with us for the following reasons

1. Available internationally via distance education

2. Provides Professional skills in cutting-edge technologies

3. No programming skills required

4. Flexible attendance (Full time, Part-time, Non-program student)

5. International Teaching Staff across EU

6. Provides a full Pedagogical and Teaching Adequacy National Gazette 1758/11.04.2022

7. Career opportunities for cooperation with international companies and researchers Via the IMT Network

8. Offers immersive experiences via the IMT Metaverse Education Space where you are practicing  your skills in Metaverse 


Recent Announcements

31 May 2023 14:21

Application Period

The process for applying for Registration to the IMT program starts on the 15h of June 2023 until the 15th of July 2023 .The Application Submission will be electronically via the Submit Application Tab.Important Note : According to the Governmental Gazette ( ΦΕΚ Β 1758/11.04.2022), IMT MSc Degree is...


10 Mar 2023 18:44

“IMT & VRARA COLLABORATION” Immersive Technologies - Innovation in Education, Training and Game Design

KRIS KOLO  FEATURED, UNIVERSITIES COLLEGESInternational MSc programWe are proudly announcing the collaboration of IMT Msc Program with VRAR Association !The Immersive Technologies - Innovation in Education, Training and Game Design (IMT) MSc program of the Department of Computing Science of the Inte...


30 Jan 2023 17:09

Testimonial from Microsoft for the Metaverse IMT Virtual Reality Space

30 January 2023“Having the chance to explore the features and capabilities provided through the Metaverse IMT Virtual Reality Space, which is created as part of the innovative xR technologies that the Metaverse IMT MSc of the International Hellenic University, the experience presented is gratifying ...



23 Jan 2023 17:17

List of IMT 2023 Keynote Speakers

We are excited about the Pioneer Researchers acting as Keynote Speakers for the IMT M.Sc. Program 2023The list of speakers includes :Dr. Helen Crompton Helen Crompton is an Associate Professor of Instructional Technology, at Old Dominion UniversityDr Eleni Mangina  Eleni Magina is a Professor at the School of Computer Science, University College Dublin VP (International) Science at University Coll...

5 Dec 2021 20:43


IMT Welcomes the distinguished Researcher Dr. Fotis Liarokapis from the CYENS – Centre of Excellence, as a Keynote speaker in the IMT Keynote Presentation SeriesOn the 12th of Dec 21.00 Greek/Cyprus Time (or 20.00 CET Time) he is going to present the“Extended Reality for Underwater Cultural Heritage: The Case Study of iMareCulture Project”The project iMARECULTURE (Advanced...

8 Feb 2021 02:00

IMT Instructors

The IMT international MSc program, will announce an official invitation for Instructors for the Academic Year 2021 -2022.Candidate Instructors can be from any place in the world, should be English speaking, hold at least a PhD on a topic related to the thematic area of IMT and have an extensive experience on this field....

Immersive Technologies are among the most dominant future trends World Wide A recent survey on XR Enterprise Trends clearly shows the demand for AR and VR. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) surveyed 577 organizations. Of these, 77% indicated that they are currently engaged in AR and/or VR initiatives (CTA, 2020) IMT has been structured in a way that corresponds to modern scientific and technological needs within the constantly evolving socioeconomic context, aiming to provide strong practical skills on Immersive Technologies to the graduates of the Msc, enabling them to expand their professional expertise in the areas of Education Training and Game development. IMT graduates are appropriately equipped to meet their prosperous future!!!

Consumer Technology Association (CTA, 2020). Workforce Training Tops Use Cases for Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications ARPost by Gergana Mileva. Retrieved on 14 Jan 2020 from

IMT Network expands World Wide, having established collaborations with experts of the field. Collaborators comes from both from Academy (Universities, Research Centers etc) as well as Pioneer Companies on the filed of Immersive Technologies, offering a variety of options for applied research and funding opportunities. Check the IMT Network for further information

The IMT program is offered World Wide via Distance and Blended Learning models.

Student's attendance modes:

• The full time mode (12 months).

• The part time mode (24 months).

There are three different options for completing the program.

Option A : 12 Courses (Course only Route)

Option B : 10 Courses + Independent research Study (Mixed Route)

Option C :8 Courses + Thesis Project (Research Route)

The total credit units of the IMT Master program are set at 90 ECTS. Those credits can be earned either in one year (12 months) via the Full Time mode or in two years (24th months) via the Part Time mode of IMY completion

Participation of graduate students in research projects and programs related to their scientific field. Research activities include, National, EU and International funded projects, Company oriented (private) research projects etc and also the option of Independent Study is offered. Moreover, graduates for the IMT program have the ability to continue their academic studies at the level of PhD on a similar to the IMT program, thematic area

IMT MSc program is open to students from all over the world. Students should be able to speak and write in English fluently, and hold a Bsc degree. IMT supports both Full Time and Part Time Students.

IMT MSc program covers a unique thematic area in Greece and the only International program on Immersive Technologies that is offered on line in Europe. IMT is focusing on cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality with an emphasis on Education, Training, and Game design, providing a variety of research and professional opportunities both to its students and to its Collaborators form Academia and Private Companies sector.